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Thankful for our community…in soccer and beyond. 

It was a busy weekend around town.  One of those weekends that makes you appreciate the community around us here in Wilton.  We did our best to take advantage.

On Friday night (and Saturday and Sunday too), we enjoyed the amazing and sold out productions of Lion King Jr. by the Wilton Children’s Theater.  On Saturday morning we hit the town movie theater for our first look at Frozen II (emphasis on “first” as we are sure the Kindergartener will require us to see it again).  From Arendelle, we drove upstate to Hartford for the Boys High School Soccer Class L state championship where #10 seeded Wilton High School played #4 seeded Daniel Hand High School from Madison, CT. 

Let’s start with Lion King Jr.  Obviously it’s a timeless Disney masterpiece. The message is undeniably great - a boy growing up and accepting responsibility in the world, the circle of life and so much more.  What was most great though, was the collection of Wilton kids ages 9 to 13 that assembled on the Middlebrook stage to share their talents. From lions and lionesses, to a wise monkey, a witty dodo bird, giraffes, zebras, elephants, a warthog and his meerkat friend, along with every antelope, bird and blade of grass or leaf this side of the Sahara ...this jungle of kids came together in a chorus of heartwarming and thoroughly entertaining songs and dances.  The beauty of Wilton Children’s Theater is how it brings together very young first timers with the more experienced older actors/actresses to create an unforgettable experience for themselves and fans alike. Kids gain confidence, earn the trust of their peers and grow right before your eyes. Kids who see their friends perform often begin wondering if they should try for themselves as it looks like just so much fun. Every time you see a Wilton Children’s Theater show you are amazed and wish it would not end... every time.  Thank you to the performers and the countless volunteers who make it happen!

On to Frozen part deux. We’ll be quick here. While my kids may most readily recall Olaf’s “on the bright side… did you know turtles can breathe out of their …” anyway, I am hopeful they instead remember the sage words of Grand Pabbie (the Boulder-ish father figure) “when you are not sure what to do, just do the next right thing.”  Well done Disney, even if the next right thing in your minds is to load up on Frozen II merch for the holidays.

Last, we had the great pleasure of watching 120 minutes of boys high school championship soccer (which included a full 30 minutes of bonus overtime soccer).  This may have been the greatest Connecticut high school soccer game ever played. That is an opinion, but not hyperbole. Wilton’s team made a collective decision this season to be the best team they could be and to prove it each time they touched the field.  In this final game, to see them fall behind by a goal not once, or twice, but three times and each time respond with a game tying answer was nothing short of magical. The game saw five goals in the overtime period alone. That is unprecedented. Let’s be clear, this can only occur if the Wilton side has the sheer confidence and will to attack in moments when it would have been far easier to yield as time became shorter and shorter.  A few bounces of the ball another way were the difference in a possible opposite outcome that one could definitely argue Wilton deserved. Wilton was the more dynamic, exciting and dangerous team throughout the game, their opponent just a bit more opportunistic as they played a deep defensive approach that capitalized on counter attacks and set plays. Even in the final minutes and seconds, the game felt very much in the balance and as if Wilton was going to find a way.  When it finally ended, for those of us watching (and even those following the play by play over text and social media), it just didn’t feel like our team lost. We felt proud by association. What we enjoyed most was the unbelievable team effort, the spectacular display of skill, the positive body language no matter what the circumstances, the respect of the fans from both sides for the players and the game, and so much more. We know that for the Wilton players, it stings to have ended up on the wrong side of the scoreboard when time eventually expired, but this game and this team will be remembered for everything but the final score. Well done boys, hakuna matata, and onward.

Thanks to all at WHS for being such great players, teammates and role models.  


Happy Thanksgiving to all!

Kind regards,
Jason Partenza
President, Wilton Soccer Association



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