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Travel Soccer Handbook
2018 - 2019


The Wilton Soccer Association (the WSA) offers a travel soccer program that provides a high level of competitive play for qualified participants.  Travel soccer opportunities are generally available to players who meet specific criteria established by the WSA.  Those criteria, along with travel program policies and recommendations, are discussed in the following pages.
Travel Program Objectives
One of the missions of the WSA is to provide an opportunity for all eligible Wilton children to play soccer. The purpose of the WSA travel soccer program is to provide qualified players with an opportunity to develop their skills at a higher level.  
There are five components of the travel program:
1) To provide all qualified players with an opportunity to play soccer at a more competitive level than at the intramural level;
2)  To provide professional training for all travel players, thereby allowing an enhanced opportunity to develop skills and an understanding of the game;
3)  Compete against other towns in a fair and competitive environment;
4) To instill the WSA Core Values that will extend beyond the playing field; and 
5) To instill in players a lifelong love of soccer.
Player Eligibility
The WSA offers a travel program for players who meet the following eligibility requirements:
Residency Policy
Players must be residents of Wilton;  
Non-Wilton residents may try out for travel teams subject to receiving express permission from the WSA Board of Directors;
Non-Wilton residents will only be considered for placement on a team in situations where they would not displace, during that season, residents who are reasonably suited in ability and committed to play for the travel team;  
All non-Wilton residents must receive explicit permission to play for each fall season and spring season from the WSA Board of Directors;  
In addition, no commitments or implied promises to any non-Wilton player will be made for an upcoming season without the prior approval of the WSA Board of Directors. 
Registration Policy
WSA travel teams are reconfigured each year. 
o Placement of a player on a travel team for one year (which includes a fall season and a spring season), does not guarantee that player a spot on that team, or any other travel team, for any subsequent year.  
Every player wishing to be considered for placement on a travel team must register in advance, every year, with the WSA. 
Travel registration is completed online.  This form can be found on the WSA’s website,, and is only available during a specified timeframe.  
o Parents must submit a photo of their child and a copy of their child’s birth certificate.  
The registration process for the following fall season generally takes place in late April, and is publicized in the Wilton Bulletin, the Wilton Villager and on the WSA’s website,  
No registrations are accepted on the field on the day of tryouts.
Team Selection & Tryout Process
Tryout Process
Tryouts are usually conducted in May/June to determine teams for BOTH fall and spring seasons. 
Prior participation on a travel team does not guarantee participation in subsequent years or on same teams in future.  
All players wishing to be considered for a travel roster spot must attend tryouts, which are conducted over a two-day period.
The tryouts are conducted by a coaching organization chosen by the WSA Board of Directors. 
During the tryouts, each player is given an assigned number to wear.
During tryouts, players are evaluated and scored based on skills and small-sided game situations. 
In addition, the player’s prior seasonal coaching evaluations will be used to provide insight on elements such as attention to discipline, commitment and training.
This seasonal evaluation will also consider how well the child has played over multiple games and in varying situations. 
The tryout data and seasonal coaching evaluation data will be combined to create a composite score for each player to assist in assembling teams.
Players that attend Goalkeeper tryouts may be given special consideration taking into account the Goalkeeper specialization policy. 
All data is audited by the WSA Board of Directors to ensure accuracy.
The respective VPs of Travel, and The Tryout Director, will work with the Coaching organization to compile the teams to present to the WSA Board for approval. 
The Coaching organization will make a recommendation on number of teams and team composition of teams to the WSA Board for approval.  
The Board works to ensure that the U9 - U15 are placed appropriately to their skill levels to ensure that they can both develop and be competitive. More information about the tryout process and evaluations can be found on our website at 
Invitations to Teams / Placement Results
Invitations to teams will be posted when available on and communicated via email.  
Waiting List
In some instances, more players register for travel soccer than can be accommodated on the teams available.