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Welcome back referees!  We look forward to a successful 2011 Spring season.

Check back frequently as we add key contacts for referee assignors and coordinators.

All WSA referees will need to register online in order to be part of the Wilton pool (and supply important payment information).  Please go to the "online form" under this tab in order to register.

Jr. Referees will also need to register so that all our officials share the same database.

For your first game: make sure that you wear the appropriate uniform (all newly certified referees wear the standard yellow referee uniform all Jr. Referees wear the Black referee shirt).  These can be purchased at Soccer and Rugby in Ridgefield or online.  Most of these uniforms come as kits, which allow you to buy the black shorts, socks, yellow shirt, cards and whistle all at once.  Tell them you are a Wilton Soccer Referee and receive a 10% discount.

Please do not request a Center job for rec-plus unless you have completed AT LEAST 10 games as an AR or have been assessed.  ALL REQUESTS MUST COME FROM THE REFEREE; no parents please.

REMEMBER; you are part of a team as an official, therefore need to wear the same color as your team mates at all matches.

Important documents:
 2011 Rule Modifications Cheat Sheet.doc Rate Card Spring 2011.xls
Provides the pay schedule for various positions (ex. Center versus AR), game size (ex. 6V6 versus 11x11) and program type (ex. Academy versus Travel)


WSA Rule Modifications Cheat Sheet

WhatDoesSmallSidedGamesMean.pdfThis is taken directly from the CJSA web site, not ALL of these changes apply to the WSA so reference the "cheat sheet" below for the WSA modifications

referee game report.doc
This is for Certified Referees submitting a match report to the CJSA

This is for Certified Referees when Submitting a match report to the Referee Coordinators (i.e. less serious offenses/behavior during a match)

For Rec-plus rosters

CJSA Game Day Roster June 2008.doc
For travel team rosters (which typically are available at the match)

W9 Form.pdf
All independent contractors (including referees) are required to fill out this form and send it to Wilton Soccer Association, P.O. Box 311, Wilton CT  06897 Attn: Treasurer  if you have already supplied your SS# during the online registration process than you need not submit this form.
Jr. referees do not need to fill out this form

Recplus payment record.doc