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Weekly Clinic Schedule

Below is the weekly intramural clinic schedule for Fall 2016.

Program Curriculum for K and 2nd Grade


Clinics Emphasis

  • Week 1: Fun, decision making, teamwork, communication
  • Week 2: Ball mastery, different foot contacts
  • Week 3: Keeping the ball close to you, learning to use inside/outside of foot, turning
                 2nd Grade Only: Thow-ins, rules review session 
  • Week 4: Agility/coordination development with and without the ball
  • Week 5: Keeping the ball close to you / running with the ball, shooting, awareness
  • Week 6: Passing, receiving & moving, awareness
  • Week 7: 1 vs. 1, 2 vs. 2, small sided play, awareness
  • Week 8: Fun, awareness, decision making, teamwork
  • Week 9: Decision making
  • Week 10: Teamwork & communication

Game Emphasis

  • Small sided scrimmages
  • Everybody is involved and running
  • Communication – Verbal & Visual
  • Decision Making – Think, Think, Think
  • Fun

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